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Power-up your Local Search Results with a Smart SEO Marketing Plan

Are you having troubles generating sales because no one can find your website?
Does your website rank poorly even after trying some search engine optimization techniques?
Are you spending more time trying to find clients than you’d like?

There is no reason to suffer through these internet marketing issues when The Complete Webdesigner can provide you with smart, professional SEO services. What sets us apart from other companies is that we not only use traditional search engine optimization techniques but we also create marketing assets and implement reputation marketing systems. This combination produces highly effective campaigns that not only drive traffic to your website but also improves sales.

Ethics and Brand Protection

We believe that a business lives and dies on their reputation and brand recognition. Our top priority is to ensure that your brand is affiliated with respected websites to provide an online presence that stands above the crowd while enhancing your business. While some SEO companies create fake testimonials or reviews, we never publish or promote fabricated information or testimonials.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to produce different results for keyword searches. Many businesses have been affected by poor search engine optimization methods. The Complete Webdesigner only uses SEO techniques that produce long lasting results with excellent staying power. All the best SEO companies use a combination of on-page optimization and off-page optimization. By combining strong techniques for both components, we yield the best results for you. Analytics Results - 487% Traffic Increase Analytics Results – 487% Traffic Increase

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization encompasses all the work performed on your brand website to ensure that the following factors are optimized:

  • Keyword Density – We make sure that your webpages are rich in related keywords without over saturating
  • Keyword Placement – We ensure that keywords are used in places with the highest benefit
  • Links – We diversify the type of links and their destination on a webpage
  • Unique Content – We confirm that no other websites on the internet have duplicate content
  • Media – We review whether your webpage has enough images or videos

Each component is equally important when creating the best optimized website.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to any work performed on the internet that points to a brand website. This is often referred to as backlinking. The factors of backlinking include:

  • Number of Backlinks – We increase the number of total backlinks that refer to a webpage in a way that appears natural
  • Different Backlinks – We create backlinks from a large variety of websites
  • Consistent Backlinking – We ensure that a steady number of backlinks are being added that refer to your webpage
  • Diverse Anchor Text – We use a diverse range of text for the links pointing to your site
  • Trusted Backlinks – We utilize trusted domains to create high quality links
  • Unique Webpages – We build links from webpages with unique content

The type, quality and number of links pointing to a website is critical to the search engine ranking of a website. Many businesses do not realize that if there is an excessive number of links, or if the links are poor quality, then there is a chance that Google can penalize or even blacklist a website. If this happens, it can be extremely difficult to recover. In many cases, entirely new websites have to be created. On the other hand, if not enough work is done, a page will receive poor ranking. The Complete Webdesigner is able to provide excellent SEO results while staying well within the tolerances.


Marketing Assets

Reputation Marketing - Trust in Advertising
Nielson Survey – Trust in Advertising
There are numerous ways to implement both on-page and off-page optimization components. The Complete Webdesigner goes beyond traditional strategies and methods by creating valuable marketing assets to create quality backlinks and produce content that will also drive qualified traffic to your website. This technique is a very effective form of marketing. While the traffic from traditional advertising significantly reduces after it’s completed and paid for, marketing assets persist and continue to generate traffic long afterwards. YouTube videos are an excellent example of a marketing asset that we utilize. Once the video is produced and uploaded, the video will continue to produce results for months and sometimes even years later.

Reputation Marketing as a Marketing Asset

Many industries strongly depend on reviews. Restaurants and hotels are ever at the mercy of a bad review. The difference between a business with a good review and an excellent review can be 20% in sales. That’s an extremely significant percentage for a business riding the line of profitability. Nielsen performed an advertising survey in 2009 that found online reviews to be the second most trusted form of advertising next to a referral from a friend or aquaintance. This makes reputation marketing an extremely important and often underutilized component of internet marketing. The Complete Webdesigner implements invaluable reputation marketing systems to attract 5 star testimonials on your website.

The Complete Webdesigner can create a complete SEO marketing package to improve your online presence and boost your sales. Are you ready to implement a powerful and effective campaign for your business?

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