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[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Are you looking for a highly effective method for marketing? Did you know that a search engine optimization campaign is one of the most effective and least expensive method for promoting your business? Advertising with traditional media such as newspapers, radio and TV is often costly. At the end of a campaign, the only thing you’re left with is a bill. A smart SEO campaign will leave your business with marketing assets.

What are Marketing Assets?

Simply put, it’s an item that once paid for, remains as a source of leads for your business. It can in many forms such as: a Facebook page with a number of likes, a YouTube channel that has subscribers and video views, or a website that is optimized to rank highly for specific search engines terms. These are just a few of the many items that can be considered assets.[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]


The Complete Webdesigner specializes in producing, maintaining and marketing a wide range of businesses and niches. Our services are a combination of business consultation, media production and marketing. Each campaign begins by determining what your goals are and where you wish to target your business.


What is SEO?

In an online world dominated by finding content through search engines such as Google, it’s a wonder that the term isn’t more widely known. Essentially, a search engine optimization completes a variety of tasks so that a website, video, image or other type of searchable item will place highly for a given term or keyword. For instance, if you build decks in Kelowna, then a keyword phrase you want to rank for might be “Kelowna Deck Builders”. Ideally, any time someone types that phrase or a phrase close to it into Google, then your item will come up at the top of the list. Since a significant amount of terms will have millions of search results, this can be an extremely challenging task.

Smart Campaigns

Have you received a call from a company in the past trying to sell you their service? If you have, it’s quite likely that the only service they discussed was ranking your website for a specific keyword. It’s also possible that they provided some ridiculous suggestions. A good example occurred with one of our clients.

We had already ranked their website to page 1 for the highest traffic keywords related to their business. My client received a call from a company that wanted to sell SEO services. The service they offered was to rank his website for a keyword that was a portion of his business name and had no relation to the services he offered. Essentially, the money would have gone towards an extremely low traffic keyword where the vast majority of the visitors would have no interest in his services.

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At The Complete Webdesigner, we perform research on your business, and the services you offer to determine the most effective and related keywords. For a smart Kelowna SEO campaign, the work focuses on high traffic keywords for a local area similar to the Kelowna Deck Builder example above. The campaign goes beyond your website. The idea is to dominate keywords with other assets such as videos. Why have only one search result on the first page when you can have two, three or more?

If you’re interested in an effective, cost efficient way to market your business, get more information on a marketing plan that will work for you by contacting us through our Request a Quote page or by calling 250-575-3906.