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Great Experience


I had a great experience with The complete webdesigner! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and led me through a very simple process from designing my website to getting my website up and charting very quickly. Their prices were very reasonable when compared with other companies and they were willing to do as little or as much work as I wished.

by Craig Smith

Think First Construction

Effective and Efficient


I started working with "The complete Webdesigner" a month ago. My website has improved greatly and is ranking much higher in a very short time My business is in a very highly competitive market in NYC.
I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to work with an intelligent and responsive person and see results too.

by Elisabeth Weiss


dog behavior consultant and business owner of DogRelations NYC



WOW!!!!!!!! As soon as I opened our new revamped site I felt a very happy rush of renewed enthusiasm. So clean & fresh plus the target demographic, mainly the HUGE BOOMER generation, is fabulous but also includes others with challenges all of whom are definite patriots of "NATURAL"

Thank you Clinton for helping me finally venture off the domain plateau I have been hanging onto for so long.


by Arlene Turner